How do I add the bot to a Discord server?

Go to the "Games" page on the website and click the “New” button.

Select a Discord Game and follow the instructions to add the bot to your server.

You can also click this link to add the bot to your Discord Server.

You can verify if the bot has been succesefully added using this command, .link verify

If a player is already on a server with the bot, the player can use the command, .invite to display a bot invite link.

Game Table

Is there a way to clear the dice History?

There isn’t currently in this stage of development.

Is it possible to delete a Game Table message?

No, there isn't. But if something needs to be removed, we can delete it manually if you DM someone from the team.

How can I roll dice as a GM without my players seeing the results?

You currently can’t on the Game Table, but you can go to the Dice Roller on the site and roll a Live or Test roll there.

A "Live" roll will be added to the user's History, but not displayed on a Game Table. A "Test" roll It won't be added to the history at all.

How can I edit my player's characters?

A player can give access to a GM to control their character by going to the Game Table Settings, and check the “Allow GM Control” option.

How do you roll a crit on the game table?

For the Game Table, be sure your character is selected, and click on the polyhedral icon in the dice box.

If you wish to add any additional modifiers from Qualities or Talents, click the “+10” or “-10” buttons. (Previous crits will automatically be added.) Click “Roll Crit for this PC” and the results will show in the dice history and be added to that character.

Note that our d10 rolls 1-10 instead of 0-9, and the percentile rolls 00-90. The dice accounts for this type of set up. A roll of 10+90=100, and a roll of 10+00=10, as examples.

To roll a crit using the Discord Bot, a player would need to use the command .c c +{amount} or .c c -{amount}. (Previous crits will automatically be added.)

System Support

I have a player about to get Unmatched Fortune. Does RPG Sessions support this signature ability with the ability to change the die face?

Unfortunately, it's not something we support right now. We can offer the chart below, but since we don't show the numeric value side in the results, you'll have to devise a way to utilize the chart.

Will you support Legend of the Five Rings RPG?

We currently only support the narrative dice system of Star Wars and Genesys. We would love to add more systems eventually, but we are currently working to just improve the game experience of those two.

Are there any plans to make RPG Sessions into a smartphone app?

We currently don't have plans making RPG Sessions into a mobile app. However, we run everything deployed as a mobile-first PWA, so you should still be able to install them onto your devices as though it was a mobile app. On iOS, go to share, then add to home screen. On Android it'll usually prompt you at the bottom.